Established 30 years ago by founder and owner, Felipe Garrocho, the Yeguada Felipe Garrocho breeding farm, has over 22 mares, and is acknowledged in Spain as one of the finest breeding establishments of the Andalusian horse.

The Andalusian breed is characterized by a full mane and tail, and an expressive high-stepping stride that radiates vibrant energy. Yeguada Felipe Garrocho has been breeding successful competition horses for many years. Professional riders train the horses to perform all lateral exercises in preparation for high-level movements in classical dressage, such as the piaffe, passage and pirouette.

The horses on this breeding farm are distinguished for their immense natural flexibility, athletic ability and impressive extensions and collections, perfectly suited to the demands of competition dressage. This first-class breeding facility offers you a selection of stunning quality horses with various levels of experience, for you to enjoy.